Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Middle East Peace Plan


1st Step: The key to Middle East peace plan is the neworientation of the Arab-Israeli relationship in the sense of an overdue, regional integration : by the admission of Israel into the Arab League and/or into an organization which can be created, whose principal purpose would be a system of collective security guarantees - so that the UN security Council could call in the involved parties directly.

2nd Step: Stationing of police troops of the Arab League or the United Nations in the Palestinian areas to counter terrorism.

3rd Step: Once this has been achieved, withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Palestinian areas.

4th Step: Reorganization of the Palestinian autonomy authorities.

5th Step: Concerning the Israeli settlements, there are four alternatives:1. dissolving the settlements, 2. exchange of territories, 3. legal integration into the Palestinian state or 4. the quarreling parties could initiate something better.

6th Step: Multicultural reformation of the constitutional objectives of Israel as well as the future Palestinian state and Jerusalem with a special status that requires further agreements.

7th Step: Establishment of a Palestinian state and its admission into the system of collective security.


Worldpeace Plan


1. No armies in foreign countries without UN permission.

2. No weapons in space or international seas without UN permission.

3. No weapons of mass destruction without UN control.

4. No "military alliances" outside of UN.

5. One-Man-One-Vote Worldwide.

6. One-Right-Worldwide Now.

7. No Order Without Law



the world is allways under construction